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Most children have a natural love for the outdoors and animals.  Their curiosity is never so strong as when they explore zoos, or any place they can find unusual insect life. Young people also have questions. They want to know how the creatures that so fascinate them live. The active inquisitive concern young people have can confound the adults around them as they ask what a certain animal eats, where it sleeps, and how it lives. For many households the monthly arrival of ZooBooks offers answers to the questions young people ask written in clear language most children can easily understand.

Fun facts such as how many types of rhinos exist, which animals can swim and what species can’t take to the water, or how many times a humming bird will return to the same spot for more nectar.

Clear Concise and Fun

For young learners pictures are truly worth a thousand words and Zoobooksofficial site – packs each edition whether in magazine format or through hardcover editions with photos and pictures of many different kinds of animals in their natural habitat. The types of information found in these magazines and books makes reading aloud a fun family or school activity, and often even adults are surprised by the detailed facts presented.

Along with photographs there are also illustrations with simple notes giving a youngster a different view of wild life with detailed information. Through such illustrations a child can come to understand how birds are capable of flight, or the way fish breath underwater.

Colorful pictures of all kinds help to draw and keep a younger readers attention, while the easy to read information inspires them to learn more.

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Fun Posters and Stickers

A strong interest in animals and in reading is maintained through fun reminders such as posters and stickers. Both the magazine and books come with posters and stickers a child can use to decorate a bedroom, notebooks or locker. The colorful stickers from Zoobooks carry either photographs or drawings of wildlife as well as their habitat. For many young readers an eager search for the stickers starts as soon as the latest issue or book arrives.

Age Appropriate Reading

Zoobooks by ages

Finding the right book for young person is also simple with these books as they are divided by age. Zoobies for ages up to 3, Zootles for children 3 to 6 and Zoobooks for those 6 and beyond make it easy for adults to select the editions that will appeal to a child by providing a reading level that won’t prove either too immature or too challenging. Each edition provides hours of fun and entertainment, which makes learning exciting for youngsters.

Puzzles and Games

Age appropriate games and puzzles are also included giving a young reader another way to learn and retain facts about animals in a way that’s fun and exciting. After the stickers this is the second place most youngsters search for the second their magazine arrives.

Digital and Print Format

Kids love having mail arrive for them, but they also like to use digital devices. When buying the print version subscription the digital format of the magazine is unlocked for free.  This allows a child a safe place online for learning more about wildlife.  The same well-researched information, puzzles and game, photos and illustrations are available in the digital download of the magazine. Find more about the digital and print format at zoobooks official site here.

Reading and Re-reading

For children the habit of reading needs to start as early as possible. Most children will revisit a subject or book if it’s interesting and if there’s always something new for them to explore. With the remarkable photos and tons of facts waiting in each edition of these books children will want to keep their copies of both the magazine and hardcover books to re-visit often.

Since the study of animals is one that children love even those kids who are normally not fond of reading will find the fun in learning new facts an absorbing activity.

Zoobooks Reviews

The reviews from both kids and parents for Zoobooks is overwhelming positive. Most love the format. Many have compared the magazine to a nature book of the month club such as adults enjoy, but one that’s geared for young readers.  Quite a few adults admit to enjoying having the editions read aloud to them by the child or thumbing through the books on their own just to find facts about wildlife they didn’t know.

Some parents have mentioned that at times some information in presented in a way that’s difficult for young readers to understand easily. It’s good to remember through that age appropriate is an estimate and some children develop reading skills at their own pace.  Most parents and educators find the books will challenge young readers without being too hard for those who are still working on their reading skills.

Children who are exposed to reading and learning at a young age typically carry these skills into other aspects of their life, so it’s no surprise to see a few blog posts and reviews coming in regarding these books from young readers who enjoy expressing their joy in finding out more about animals.  Most children reviewers mention enjoying having the pull outs and posters to decorate rooms or lockers each month.

How to Find ZooBooks

zoobooksIt’s not necessary to search through books stores to find these books as they can be delivered straight to door. For many children this is among the first subscriptions they have, and for a large number they will move up through the age levels available with Zoobooks throughout their childhood.

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This magazine and the hardcover books the same publisher also provides are found online are can be ordered online. The magazine is advertised on television and for those interested in seeing if this is right for their child or for a particular group of children watching the commercial can offer some answers about the content. Seeing the actual photos used, and hearing from parents and kids who have read the magazine for years is the best way to determine how children respond.

Zoo Books Review

Zoo Books Official Site

Zoo Books Official Site

Zoo Books is a book series made by Wildlife Education Limited, a business founded in 1980. Hardcover library publications of Zoo Books were originally made in 1983. Zoo Books are 58 distinctive, 20-page books that are more cost-effective compared to softcover publications.

The magazines of Zoo Books are proficiently designed in order to improve the learning capability of a child through interactive activities, pictures and words. Teachers and parents have faith in Zoo Books in terms of educating children, reading habits and bolstering their vocabulary.

Start educating your young children with the most fascinating learning aid which is the Zoo Books. The publication of this book is especially intended for six to twelve years old kids. This is the kind of book that will surely stimulate the minds of your kids and develop their intuitive minds.

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Zoo books contain different kinds of animals which are beautifully and colorfully designed. This provides important information about the amazing and unique life of the animals. The book is all about the reptiles, insects, birds and other animals that are vibrantly designed which stirs the imaginations of the kids. There are also interactive activities that are included in this book that allows a parent –children interaction thus this is become an instrument for parents-kids to have memorable bonding moments. Pictures are clearly and colorfully illustrated and the words that accompanied with it enable the children to enhance their reading ability and improve their reading habits. It also boosts the children’s understanding and increases their vocabulary. Zoo Books also include the descriptions of a variety of animal species, their roles and characteristics they played in different habitats and cultures.

Zoo Books is an excellent resource for animals of children. All issues of Zoo Books are divided in a variety of topics including reproduction, socialization, habitat, anatomy of all kinds of animal species – in a colorful, simple to comprehend manner.

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From the time your child obtains her or his initial issue of Zoo Books, something remarkable happens. Perhaps it is the striking photographs, or the vibrant illustrations, or it might be the activities and puzzles included in Zoo Books. No matter what the reason is, you will see a pleasant glow all over the face of your children. A huge smile and twinkling eyes is what you will notice in your children once you unite the thrill of discovery with the pleasure of learning.

Zoo Book is truly a great reading material that provides education as well as so much pleasure to the kids.

Zoo Books Official Site

Zoo Books Official Site

Zoo Books

Zoo books allow the children to experience the life in wildlife. It develops the child’s love for animals. This is the best book that you can give to your little nieces and nephews. The little children will certainly enjoy its vibrant illustrations and they can sharpen their minds with puzzles and other activities which kids can share with their friends, grandma’s and grandpa’s, parents, or to everybody. The Zoo Books enable kids to discover more fascinating facts and ideas about these endearing animals.

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